Wir haben uns sehr gefreut, das Porridge Programm zu besuchen und mit den Kindern Zeit zu verbringen.

2. April 2024
Written by
Theodora Muntean

Porridge, Lebensmittel und Freudentanz

Die vor Dankbarkeit vor uns kniende Frau geht mir nicht mehr aus dem Kopf. Für uns eine Kleinigkeit, für sie ein berührendes Zeichen der unendlichen Liebe Gottes… Diese Dankbarkeit zu erleben erschüttert mich. Vor uns sitzen Eltern, die große Kämpfe in ihrem Alltag zu bewältigen haben. Sie nicken bejahend als sie hören, dass Bildung der einzige Weg aus dieser Armut für ihre Kinder sei. Sie verstehen, dass sie selbst die Verantwortung für die Bildung und die Erziehung ihrer Kinder tragen und wir heute nur eine kleine Saat streuen. Als sie die kleinen Lebensmittelpakete erhalten, stehen sie alle jubelnd und singend auf. Sie klatschen und freuen sich wie kleine Kinder, lachen und umarmen sich vor Freude. Sie wollen Gott danken und sprechen innige Gebete in einer ehrfürchtigen Haltung, die uns zu Tränen rührt. Diese Eltern sind für mich heute die Menschen, mit denen Jesus am liebsten Zeit  verbringen würde. Ich helfe der knienden Frau hoch, umarme sie und flüstere ihr ins Ohr: Du bist kostbar. Wertvoll und geliebt. 

Die letzte Woche in Awasi war voller Eindrücke. So viel Freude aber auch so viel Not. Es war schön, das Porridge-Programm zu sehen und mit den Kindern zu lachen. 

Mit der Unterstützung einiger Freunde aus Deutschland haben wir Lebensmittelpakete für bedürftige Familien gepackt. Lebensmittel für eine Woche sind für uns nicht sehr viel aber als die Eltern die Tüten mit Essen sehen, singen und tanzen sie vor Freude. Da sind Eltern, die sich täglich sorgen müssen, ob sie genug zu Essen haben werden; ein Vater mit nur einem Bein und Witwen, die eine schwere innere Last tragen. Aus vielen traurigen Augen strahlt Freude, als sie erfahren, dass ihre Kinder dieses Schuljahr täglich nicht nur das Porridge in der großen Pause sondern auch ein vollwertiges Mittagessen erhalten werden. 

Herzlichen Dank euch allen, die uns kleine Samen geben, damit wir sie hier ausstreuen können. 

das Little Seeds Team

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Little Seeds – Imani za Watoto e.V. ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein und leitet deine Spende direkt weiter nach Kenia.

Statement von Vivi und Iosif

Bereits gelesen:

We had never been to the African continent before andwe were nervously excited as the time for our trip to Kenya approached, as if we had an inkling of the wonderful things that awaited us. After many hours of flying, we found ourselves in a country that was completely different from what we had seen before. We met people who radiated a joy and a happiness that we had never experienced before. The three weeks we spent there flew by: I, Iosif, helped finish a building and I, Violeta, was always surrounded by children in the Nursery and Primary School in Awasi.

We are so grateful to God for many precious encounters we had there. For example, the one with the 5-year-old girl who shared all her food for the day - a small boiled potato - with other children who probably hadn't eaten anything that day.

They waited with open hands to get a crumb of food from their generous friend.


Experiences like these make us realize how richly blessed we are, how many things we possess, but also how little we think of those who live in need. Even before we returned from Africa, God put on the hearts of some of us to help the children and families in Awasi, Kenya: financially but also spiritually, so that the joy on their faces would be even greater.

When we returned home, the Lord united and motivated those of us who felt the same way, and so the doors opened in front of us and we founded "Little Seeds - imani za watoto" (translated: "Little Seeds - the faith of the children").

The concerns of the people there have become our concerns: We want to give them hope and help for education and development. Little by little, but surely, we want to sow the seeds of hope and faith in Kenya, together with all of you who want to join us. For God Himself is at work, making us not only ready, but also able to do what pleases Him. (Philippians 2:13) This work has now begun: It is only possible through Him and it will be a full victory.

Let us never forget this: We are blessed so that we can be a blessing to others. 

Statement von Reuben

Bereits gelesen:

"Every child has the right to education". This quote sounds beautiful, colourful and inspiring, but how realistically is it implemented in today´s world? In Kenya, for example, this quote is nothing but a dream for many children growing up in the countryside. Theoretically, schooling is free, but schools charge fees in order to cater for their expenditure. Children from humble family backgrounds are often unable to pay school fees, thus being forced by the circumstances to stay home. Consequently, one of the most fundamental rights of children continues to be violated.

Out of experience, I know what it feels like to go to school barefooted and on an empty stomach.


I also know what it means to be sent home for school fees while your peers continue to learn. On the other hand, I also know that it is possible, through hard work, to break the chains of poverty. That´s why my heart beats for the children of my homeland, Kenya. I want them to grow out of the circumstances they were born into, so that they may be able to transform their communities. For this reason, I would like to appeal to all advocates of children and lovers of education to support this noble course of empowering primary schools in rural Kenya, Nyanza Region. 

Statement von Julia

Bereist gelesen:

For around 10 years, this particular region in Kenya has become home to me. As a German-Kenyan family, we have many emotional ties to this country. Kenya is stunningly beautiful, young and dynamic, lively and innovative. A truly diverse nation. There are so many aspects we value and love about Kenya. Nevertheless, some realities don´t cease to move us and stir our emotions.

The poverty, which is prevalent in many regions in Kenya, is directly linked to colonialism, exploitation and corruption. In fact, poverty is a denial of basic human rights.


Our small organization won´t fix the big injustices of the world. However, I am of the opinion that being willing to share our own privileges can be a first step towards creating a more fair and just future. It is a way of giving back what we have been given without deserving it. I have witnessed how people who are empowered to break out of the cycle of poverty can transform their whole communities. Therefore it is my wish for our organization to give people the opportunity to do so. 

Statement von Adina

Bereist gelesen:

"Little seeds" are tiny proofs of love that contain life. Life because, when properly planted, they bring forth new life and, through their fruit, they enable the life of others. As long as the seeds are only stored safely, they cannot bear fruit. Packed seeds in bags or boxes cannot bring forth life. They are more like stone grains, hard and cold. But if they are placed in the earth, they become quite soft: so that new life sprouts out and they bear much fruit.

Jesus gives us this image in the Bible, which for me is the heart of serving Him. God's love becomes alive and real in our world when we pass it on...


If we keep it for ourselves, it remains lonely. It grows cold and cannot produce fruit if we package it nicely and display it in our hearts' showcases.

God's love is to be passed on. It means devotion. It is generous and does not think of itself. We are called to love. We are called to share proofs of love that fall as seeds into the earth and bear fruit. This is what "Little seeds" stands for. In Swahili "Imani za watoto" means “the faith of children". Because we, God's children, believe in it. I invite you to be a part of it and experience how God makes a big miracle grow out of the small seed you plant.